There are those who litigate... and there are trial lawyers.

What we're

all About

We are courtroom lawyers, focused upon trials, appeals, arbitrations, and advocacy in all forums.

Today’s business leaders need advocates skilled in resolving complex and costly business disputes. Our lawyers fit the bill. We have handled thousands of cases and appeared in hundreds of courtrooms and arbitral forums across the nation. We have a keen understanding of judges, juries, arbitrators, and other decision makers. We rest our cases upon a firm legal foundation. We present the facts and law of each dispute simply and convincingly.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and other significant businesses and institutions. We work in small teams, honoring the Texas tradition of “One riot -- One Ranger.” We strive for early analysis, planning, economy, and resolution in each case. We also provide pre-litigation counseling -- to help clients avoid litigation or prepare for a coming storm.